CD Authoring

CD Authoring

What is CD Authoring? It is the process of using audio files and turning them into a disc that can be played on a standard CD Player and DVD player. In the CD authoring process ‘CD TEXT’ can be added. This text includes the name of the each song and the artist/performer. This information is read by a player that has the ability to read it. Not all CD players can read CD text, older models may not be able to do this.

Can iTunes read CD TEXT? NO iTunes use a different system. See pricing below

Can Window Media Read CD Text NO Windows Media use a different system. See pricing below

Another important feature of cd authoring is ISRC (International Standard Recording Code) codes. ISRC alphanumeric tags are a code used to identify a song (or video) a bit like a international book code ISDN. When a radio plays the song on air the code is recorded and logged so that the royalties can be distributed to the copyright holders including the singer, players and songwriter.

In Ireland the ISRC code are handle by, Phonographic Performance Ireland they are free to obtain and a must for artist that intend to have their material played on the radio or television. To apply for ISRC codes follow this link ISRC


The Code includes: Country Code, Registrant Code,

Year of release and an individual track code.

The most common file format to use when authoring is WAV. The preferred specification is 44.1Khz at a bit depth of 24 bits. We can accept other file formats like Aiff or Aif as these are the same quality as WAV again with the 44.1/24 specifications

MP3s and AC3s can be used but are not recommended as they are compressed formats and do not have the same audio quality as WAVs and AIFFs.


We charge €5.95 per song for CD master authoring.

For a DDP file/Folder please add €29

For a DDP file/Folder from a submitted audio CD €49

For Broadcast Quality MP3s (320mps, VBR, LP Filter,”extreme” quality)

including embedding ISRC codes, Song Title, and Artist €9.95 per song.

To Submit CD Information to be read by iTunes €4.95 per song

To Submit CD Information to be read by Windows Media €9.95 per song

Any questions feel free to contact us.