Digifile 4 panel

Digifile (Eco-Pak) 4 panel

Digifile and Disc Delivered Ireland, Best price and fastest turn around.

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Great for Albums, EPs , Singles, DVDs

ECO Friendly

The DigiFile is another great variation on the standard Digipak with one or more additional areas for artwork and information. The discs is slide into place with either a die cut “smiley” slit or a straight slit for a booklet. The 4 panel Digifiles can hold two CD or DVD DISCs .


  • Digifile 4 panel Delivered Ireland Best price
    25 Discs In Digifile Delivered Ireland €139 best price in Ireland


There are 4 panel, 6 panel DigiFile combinations which can hold additional booklets or discs.  Each Unit is made from 230 gsm delux card. Turn around can be as little as 3 working days.

OPTIONS The digifile can hold one disc, price above, 2 discs or one disc and a booklet up to 12page. the disc (or booklet) can be on either inside panel please email for pricing.

The Digifile can be made from recycled card which can give them a unique feel and look which makes it a great alternative to the standard CD Jewel case. Email for details.


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