What type do you need? 4 Panel or 6 Panel?

Digipaks CD What are they? A Digipak is a printed card packaging that is used for CDs and/or DVDs. The digipak, made from printed cardboard stock, contains a clear plastic holder that is capable of holding one or more discs. 

These discs are held in place with plastic trays (called Digi trays), which are fixed into the digipak. The outer packaging is made from a custom printed cardboard – this custom appearance is chosen by the digipak’s manufacturer and can become either the album artwork, or DVD cover.

What Does a Digipak Look Like?

A digipak is the same form factor, shape and size as a standard CD clear Jewel Case. Its is made from custom-printed cardboard and CDs are held in place by snapping into a clear plastic tray(other colors are available).

Digipack 4 panel
Digipack 6 panel

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