CD Replication Ireland

CD Replication Ireland

For larger numbers, 300 or above, CD and DVD replication is the best way to go in terms of price and value. We supply CD replication to Ireland.

Replication discs are full retail quality. With a full range of practical and attractive packaging.

Including Digipack, Digifiles, Jewel Case, Cardwallet and much more.

Replication is the manufacturing of 500 plus CDs. Replication uses a glass master disc produced in a ‘class 100 clean room’. The final discs are then Replicated from the glass master.

Our Replication Services ofers Competative Price and Full retail Quality packaging and discs and can be delivered to our Irish customers. We are proud to offer Replicated discs, with the highest quality printing, that matches the professional printing of the other paper parts including inlays cards booklets and high quality plastic cases, both look and feel like a retail high street CD. That’s because we produced them using the same professional, pro, processes.

CD Duplication IE take care of all the important aspects of CD Replication. The discs are printed in full CYMK colour, along with your chosen packaging , inlay cards, booklets, Digipacks, Digifiles, Card Wallets etc.. These are then placed in a high quality packaging for the final shipping.

CD Replication options can be priced and ordered from our website, and all orders then progress direct to our automated ordering system. Our friendly Staff will ensure that your CD Replication order is on time and fulfilled as quickly as possible. Any queries are quickly resolved.

We are Irelands leading CD Manufacturer. Time and time again we have proved ourselves by providing excellence on all aspects of customer service.

CD Replication Ireland Digipak 6 panel
CD Replication Dublin

What is the difference…

Well there are two common methods of CD manufacturing ie, CDs, DVDs and Blu-Rays.

Duplication is a process of ‘burning’ data to recordable media such as CD-R, DVD-R and BD-R.

Replication is the process of manufacturing that actually presses the data onto the disc using a ‘glass master’.

Replicated discs are the standard for large major commercial releases and large volume runs but Duplication has 2 key benefits over Replication – ‘Turnaround Time’ and ‘Setup Costs’.

As Duplicated media does not rely on producing a Glass Master it is not only cheaper to produce for short runs, but it is also significantly faster for smaller runs as it is possible to start production immediately.

CD Replication supplied to Dublin